Upcoming Live Webinar – Electric-Motor Conecpt Design – Altair – 26th May

Live Webinar – Tuesday| May 26th, 2020 | 15:00 – 16:00 (CEST)

Altair, CWIEME Berlin, and SpinMag joined forces to bring you some of the valuable content planned for CWIEME Berlin to the safety of your home and offer this webinar jointly, presenting practical examples of the use of Altair FluxMotorTM.

You will experience:

  • How FluxMotor can be applied in e-motor development projects,
  • which essential information FluxMotor can provide at the beginning of a development process,
  • and how FluxMotor results fit all bench test measurements.

Learn from “real life” e-motor development projects how FluxMotor is used in electric motors development and optimization, i.e. with Altair HyperStudyTM. Renown engineering service provider Spin will show how pre-development electromagnetic results and efficiency mapping can be used to enhance processes. To do this, results from FluxMotor will be compared to detailed Flux simulation and bench test results.

This webinar is part of our e-motor webinar series. The other webinars in this series are held in German.

Link: https://web.altair.com/webinar-with-cwieme-and-spin

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