Top Sustainability Award for Dehumidifier used in Battery Production

Humidity Solutions Limited, the UK’s leading independent specialist in humidity control, were announced winners for Sustainable Product of the Year in the HVR Awards 2020 held on 15th October.

The product featured was the desiccant dehumidifier for lithium-ion battery production manufactured by Cotes A/S of Denmark, for whom Humidity Solutions are the exclusive UK distributor.

A desiccant dehumidifier is the only solution which has the ability to strip the moisture out of the air and achieve the ultra-dry conditions of – 60⁰ dew point required for a problem free manufacturing process.

Key technical Issues

High-energy lithium-ion batteries must be produced in environments where the levels of humidity are consistently kept at less than 1%. This is because lithium as a metal reacts with any water vapour that may be present, forming lithium hydroxide, hydrogen and heat.

Water vapour acts as a catalyst, so any lithium exposed to humidity levels in excess of 1% results in poorer battery quality, reduced performance and shorter shelf life. It can also be a source of danger in production areas as well as risking the safety of plant employees.

Even moisture from human bodies has a relatively big effect on the very low humidity levels that must be adhered to in such high-tech facilities. This is a big technical challenge — one that very few suppliers of dehumidification systems can tackle.

The dry room is a specialist area and requires the highest control with regards to air tightness and addition of any moisture load such as washing facilities and human activity. Design requires consideration but by using the Cotes manufactured dehumidifiers you have the experience of systems that have been installed into over 75 such production facilities and energy savings of up to 73% compared to the competition based on using the Cotes patent pending process design.

Better Control at Lower Cost

Good control of manufacturing conditions in lithium-ion battery plants is one thing — achieving this at reasonable cost is another. In addition to being highly reliable, Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers provide you with an exceptionally energy-efficient way to maintain the necessary degree of meticulous control over conditions. Thermal recovery installations can be fitted, too. Energy costs are a big issue here, because high operating costs only eat into your profit margins.

Energy Efficiency

60% of energy used in a lithium-ion battery production facility is used on power to the dehumidifier.

With the break-through of Cotes’ three rotor set up, the air regeneration of the largest of the rotors doesn’t have to be heated very much, often only to 75⁰C, because the process air is already so extremely dry. This low temperature means you only need very small additional thermal inputs to achieve the desired air regeneration effect.

This results in a saving of 73% energy consumption over traditional dehumidifier solutions and 44% of energy can be saved in the total production of lithium-ion battery production. This is a unique saving in the production of a product widely considered to be vital in the reduction of use of fossil fuels, pollution at the point of use and the storage of energy.

Outlay can be recouped in as little as 24 months due to the energy saving.


Environmental Issues

  • Exceptional control of cleanroom manufacturing conditions
  • Better electrolyte performance, better product quality
  • Reduced energy consumption, lower operating costs
  • Maximum production uptime
  • Lower service and maintenance costs
    Reduce energy supplies, smaller mains power supply, lower installation costs, lower capital cost
  • All contribute to a smaller carbon footprint


Simplifyied Installation and Maintenance

  • Turnkey solution – all in one construction
  • Exceptional reliability – important for operations-critical environments and reduces maintenance and down time.
  • Easy to configure to specialist requirements in lithium-ion battery manufacture, even with dew points as low as -74.5°C. Makes commissioning straightforward.
  • Designed to achieve exceptionally low energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Available with advanced monitoring and control systems for maximum flexibility and ease of operation.



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