ATEQ introduces new Industrial EV Battery Module Balancer

Paris, France – 26 November, 2020. ATEQ SAS introduces its new EV/HEV battery module balancer, the EVB 5100. The unit is ideal for rework stations in battery manufacturing or electric vehicle  production plants. The ATEQ EVB 5100 uses the most efficient and precise technologies to equalize voltage differences between modules to maximize battery performance.
EV vehicle assembly plants cannot just assume the batteries they put in their electric vehicles are perfect. If batteries are underperforming, it is likely due to electric cell imbalance. Slight
differences in the module capacity, temperature, state of charge, self-discharge rate and impedance can lead to a deviation in voltage.

When an EV battery is diagnosed as being defective, the faulty module needs to be replaced. The EVB5100 Module Balancer charges or discharges the new replacement module to the
same state of charge as the other modules. Performing the battery balancing onsite with the EVB5100 saves time and money since the transportation of batteries and modules is
complex and expensive.

Using ATEQ’s EVB5100 is very simple. Its colour screen guides the technician to select the right battery module type from the database, set the target voltage, and charge or discharge the
module safely thanks to the protective lid and advanced security  features. The EVB5100 delivers a detailed report that can be transferred to the factory network, or accessed remotely via a
cloud-based interface.

ATEQ also offers leak testers used at every step of EV battery production, from leak testing the insulation of each individual battery cell pouch, to testing the battery module. With the addition of the EVB 5100 to the current leak, flow and battery testing product line-up, ATEQ now provides solutions for the production process, for final QC assembly, testing and maintenance.

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ATEQ SAS is a leading global manufacturer of industrial testing instruments such as leak/flow testers for quality testing manufactured components, battery testers, as well as aviation test equipment and tire pressure monitoring tools. With 40 locations around the world and over 40 years of experience, ATEQ offers a local support network for your testing applications.

Media contact
Bruno Petraman, Communications Manager, + 33-1 30 80 10 19
Sales contact
Agneta Ronceret, Sales Manager EMEA, TPMS & Battery Solutions,  for OEM & Industrial Applications

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