Feature – The PA7 & PA8 Power Analyser software with automated efficiency mapping..

StrainSense highlight just a few of the key software features of the PA7 & PA8 Power Analyser which delivers productivity, efficiency, and ease of use…

The Oxygen software supplied as standard with the Dewetron Power Analyser series is both powerful and intuitive. Performing a host of functions including, configuration; real time power and efficiency monitoring and data analysis, reporting and compliance.

Oxygen’s new efficiency map dramatically reduces data processing times. With the channels configured, the software will build the three-dimensional chart, plotting speed, toque and efficiency values at trigger points. As the map setpoints are worked through, data points are added until the map is complete.

The efficiency map datapoints can be triggered manually or through external setpoints using Dewetron’s wide range of optional input modules. Some of the modules available include CAN, analogue and digital interfaces. On completion of the test, the map can be exported as a PDF report with no additional post processing required.

Single or multi-phase electrical power groups can quickly be arranged in the software, with options for up to 9 phases in a range of star and delta configurations. Through selection of the speed and torque inputs, the mechanical power group can be configured and synced with the electrical power, ensuring maximum accuracy for data analysis.

A range of powerful, drag and drop tools are readily available in the software, including:

  • Power Meters
  • Phasor Diagrams
  • Harmonics Charts
  • Scopes
  • Spectrum analysers
  • Digital / Analogue Meters

The power group automatically provides all required power parameters. Available to view both as fundamental frequencies and/or total values:

  • Active, apparent and reactive power
  • RMS voltage and current on each phase and totalled
  • Power factor
  • Energy


Oxygen provides capability for efficiency measurement across motors, inverters and complete drivetrains as standard, both in motoring and generating mode.

In parallel with the efficiency mapping, voltage and current waveform data can be stored at each of the setpoints. With sample rates up to 10 MS/s/ch and 18-bit resolution, Oxygen is capable of capturing high speed switching events for post processing by Power Electronics Engineers.

OXYGEN-NET is a simple to configure networking feature that allows multiple power analysers to be synchronised together and use their own processing and storage capability for complex test cell arrangements. A typical application for this is multi-axle or in wheel motor testing.

In the next article, we will show more on the integration of the power analyser series in a test cell environment using the configurable digital interface options including CAN, EtherCAT and XCP, both for data transmission and triggering, system setup.

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