800V systems in EVs enable longer ranges, faster charging – E&T Magazine

Electric vehicles (EVs) featuring 800V electrical systems could achieve much faster charging and reduced weight, allowing them to travel further between charges.

Some automakers are already starting to embrace this technology. For instance, Porsche fitted an 800V system in their full-electric Taycan sports car, which was launched last year. The automaker claims that the model can travel up to 420km between charges.

Such systems enable greatly reduced charging times, as long as they are using fast chargers capable of working at up to 270kW.

“If the charger provides 800V and a minimum of 300A, the Taycan can charge from five to 80 per cent in 22.5 minutes. 400V chargers typically provide 50kW only. The same charging capacity would need 90 minutes,” said Otmar Bitsche, director of e-mobility at Porsche.

800V systems also allow a greater retention of power; a higher voltage allows a lower current to be used when charging the battery, which reduces overheating and allows better power retention. This contributes towards a greater driving range.

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