“grid | Xtreme VR”: High-performance pure lead-acid battery launched from HOPPECKE

Brilon, 22.03.2021. As of now, it is setting standards for batteries for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS): the high-performance “grid | Xtreme VR” pure lead-acid battery, a new development from HOPPECKE. Europe’s largest privately owned manufacturer of industrial batteries offers an innovative energy solution for stabilising power grids, for example in data centres, hospitals and power plants. Ever shorter bridging times with high-current discharges as well as applications in increased ambient temperatures are two of many challenges that the HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR meets.

HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR – more than just a product

With the further development of its pure lead AGM technology, HOPPECKE has once again shown that it is necessary to actively break new ground to find optimum solutions for the rapidly changing needs of its customers. Through intensive development work and uncompromising optimisation, HOPPPECKE has succeeded in impressively mastering the challenges of urbanisation, energy transition, digitalisation and electromobility. A steadily growing share of renewable energies and the resulting fluctuating energy sources show that we will have to reckon with strongly fluctuating power grid quality in Europe in the future.

The next generation of pure lead batteries

The decisive factor for the high energy and power density of the HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR is the use of pure lead as electrode material, which has superior corrosion properties compared to all known lead alloys.  Consequently, significantly thinner electrodes can be installed in greater numbers, resulting in a larger reaction area, which is trend-setting for lead-acid storage technologies. The result is that it requires a comparatively small space, which has a positive effect on investment costs. In addition, HPPL technology (High Performance Pure Lead) uses active masses with a higher density, which until now were reserved exclusively for cycle-resistant lead-acid batteries. In short: the grid | Xtreme VR is both powerful and durable.

Technical and commercial assets when using HPPL technology

The lower self-discharge rate of the grid | Xtreme VR permits a longer storage time and a reduction of the recharge intervals (up to 24 months at 20°C). Furthermore, the fully insulated connector system offers extensive protection against the risk of pole and connector corrosion.


Thanks to the extended operating temperature range of up to 55° C, the battery can also be used in harsh environmental conditions, thus saving on air-conditioning costs at the same time. Its excellent cycling capability distinguishes the HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR, as does its high life expectancy of up to 15 years (at 20° C).

When restoring the operational and functional capability of the UPS system after a discharge, the grid | Xtreme VR also benefits from its system-related fast charging capability, which allows higher charging currents with the given infrastructure. Furthermore, separate contact points on the battery poles help to determine the status quickly and easily by means of impedance measurement – even when installed. In combination with the integrated front connections, the HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme VR always offers optimum maintenance access and thus the highest possible flexibility.


About HOPPECKE Group 

In this world where everything becomes electric, HOPPECKE is the partner and expert for energy storage. From the comprehensive product range of batteries and cells, through complete energy systems with state-of-the-art charging technologies, monitoring units and engineering, to pay-per-use energy billing and extensive range of services – the portfolio always includes the right product for the user.

Today, the company from the region of Sauerland (Germany) serves four application areas with its products and solutions in lead-acid and fibre-structure nickel (FNC) technologies, briefly summarised under:

  • trak: Energy supply for traction systems
  • grid: Energy storage solutions for stable power grid quality and secured power supply
  • sun: Self-energy use and independent energy supply from renewable sources
  • rail: Energy solutions for railway and metro systems

With the development of marketable, future-oriented energy storage solutions, HOPPECKE makes an important contribution to solving the social challenges arising from the implementation of global climate protection targets, the energy turnaround and increasing digitalisation. With its headquarters in Brilon (Germany) and 23 subsidiaries, the family-owned company has more than 2,000 employees and generates a turnover of over 400 million euros. Today HOPPECKE is the largest privately-owned European manufacturer of industrial batteries. With more than 300 service engineers, HOPPECKE Service is one of the largest providers of service solutions for lead acid, FNC and lithium-ion energy storage systems.