IET Event – FORMULA E: Racing to change the face of the auto industry

On 16th June 2021, Sir John Samuel will explain how electric racing improves the breed and how rapid technological advances are impacting the auto industry. Formula E is both an inspiration and an education for drivers converting to electrics. Now consumer demand and the UK Government target to invest £1.8 billion to phase out new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 is causing a phenomenal rate of growth in EV development and production – how are engineers meeting this challenge?

Sir John Samuel is an EV pioneer with an outstanding record of innovation in the automotive and power storage industries. He built and raced GT cars in the 1960s, developed the UK’s Enfield 8000 electric passenger car (1970), and headed the Electric Auto Corp. team in Detroit in early hybrid development, successfully overcoming the limitations of lead-acid batteries in EV’s.

Later in 1990 his team won the City of Los Angeles Electric Vehicle Initiative and launched the LA301 plug-in hybrid in Tokyo… it inspired the Toyota Prius which became Japan’s best-selling car – all before the advent of Lithium-Ion batteries. More recently he founded RedT Energy (now Invinity Energy Systems) which has commercialised the Vanadium Redox flow battery for bulk storage of renewable energy.


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