Research Fellow, Electrochemistry – UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON

Charging the batteries of the elecric motor. Disassembling the battery of an electric vehicle engine. Car service

Electrochemistry Location: Highfield Campus Salary: £30,942 to £33,797 per annum Full Time Fixed Term until 28/02/2023 Closing Date: Monday 02 August 2021 Interview Date: To be confirmed Reference: 1419321EB Early detection of lithium-ion battery degradation via operando gas analysis The formation of gases from lithium-ion batteries is a characteristic symptom of battery degradation and one of the most reliable predictors of battery lifetime.

The excessive formation of gases is also an important safety concern, since it can cause the cell’s rupture and explosion, with the consequent release of toxic vapors.

Unfortunately, the techniques currently available to study gas evolution from batteries are very limited.

But we have recently developed powerful operando gas analysis methods, including online mass spectrometry and operando pressure measurements (see, for example, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2018, 140, pp 1428–1437), and we are currently applying these techniques to study state-of-the-art battery materials within the Faraday Institution project on battery degradation (

You will apply these gas analysis methods to investigate the fundamental causes of battery degradation and to develop diagnostics and prevention approaches to achieve safe and long-lasting batteries, with special focus on the requirements for electric vehicle applications.

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