Showcasing the next generation of portable power ~ Specialist to highlight power solutions for industrial devices at Battery Tech Expo


Professional battery manufacturer Accutronics will bring its range of smart batteries and reliable cells for industrial electronics to this year’s Battery Tech Expo, taking place on October 12 2021 at Silverstone, Towcester. The company will be on stand 11, highlighting the increasingly essential role of batteries in sectors including healthcare, robotics, warehousing and logistics, instrumentation and security devices. Registration for the event is open via the Battery Tech Expo website.


Battery Tech Expo will be Accutronics’s first physical UK exhibition since 2019. This makes it the first opportunity for many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and design engineers to learn more about some of the latest battery innovations from Accutronics and, its parent company, Ultralife Corporation.  The exposition comes at a time when component shortages are widely affecting the manufacturing industry, so provides an ideal opportunity for OEMs to see what Accutronics can deliver.


This includes some of the new pre-engineered, off-the-shelf products that are being highlighted, such as ER Generation X Lithium Thionyl Chloride cells, and the latest additions to the Lithium Manganese Dioxide Thin Cell® family. These two non-rechargeable product ranges have been developed to balance compact, lightweight designs with high energy densities and reliable discharge profiles. These mechanical and electrical properties make the ranges ideal for many portable electronics where space is premium, or where the product must be slimline or discrete.


The event will also be the first opportunity for OEMs to discuss two recent additions to Ultralife’s rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery range for larger devices: the URB-X5 hot-swappable battery, which is best-suited for medical cart applications requiring quick battery replacement, and an enhanced version of Ultralife’s embeddable ‘fit and forget’ smart U1 battery, which boasts a 584Wh capacity — 19 per cent greater than the previous model — for extended runtimes.


“Within the UK, a lot of recent focus on battery technology has been on the electric vehicle and energy storage markets,” explained Robert Brown, marketing executive at Accutronics. “However, there is a wealth of ongoing innovation in batteries and cells for internet-of-things, medical, military, security and other industrial devices.


“Whether it is compact non-rechargeable cells, for applications such as a medical wearable or discrete security devices, or rechargeable hot-swappable or embeddable battery packs for medical carts and industrial automation, Accutronics have solutions that serve all these markets and more.”


As well as the off-the-shelf ranges that will be on display during the event, Accutronics’s battery specialists will be on hand to help OEMs discuss any customisation or bespoke battery requirements. Drawing from extensive experience providing batteries and cells to a wide range of industries across the globe, the Accutronics team can consult with visitors on stand 11 to meet their device’s power performance requirements.


Interested OEMs and engineers can get guidance on their electronic device projects by meeting with Accutronics at Battery Tech Expo on October 12 2021 by registering for a free ticket here. To find out more about the latest battery innovations and offerings from Accutronics and Ultralife in advance of the event, visit the Accutronics website.


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About Accutronics: UK based Accutronics is a leading battery and charger design, development and manufacturing company with over 40 years’ experience serving OEMs worldwide.  It creates high quality, high performance solutions to meet demanding application requirements.  When performance, reliability and safety are critical aspects for a new device, OEMs choose Accutronics.

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