NIO’s Standard-Range Hybrid-Cell Battery Offers Better Performance In Colder Weather

Simpler to produce and assemble, new battery delivers excellent low-temperature performance


NIO has launched its new standard-range 75kWh hybrid-cell battery that will reduce the range loss in low temperatures by 25 per cent. Using NIO’s patented technologies, the new battery delivers both a longer range in cold weather and more accurate state of charge (SoC) estimation whilst matching the battery performance of a ternary lithium battery.

This new standard-range battery (75 kWh) is a hybrid of ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells using new-generation cell-to-pack (CTP) technology.

Excellent low-temperature range performance with 25 per cent less range loss
To achieve this range peformance gain NIO designed a complete thermal management software and hardware system for its standard-range battery. The hybrid layout of ternary lithium cells and LFP cells make full use of the low-temperature performance advantage of such cells to improve the overall battery performance. A dual chemistry control algorithm precisely controls the performance of ternary lithium and LFP cells in cold temperature to improve energy efficiency. In addition, a radiant thermal compensation heater uniformly heats the cells to maintain the working temperature of the battery while taking into account the energy consumption. Further gains in passive thermal insulation were achieved using low-thermal conductivity materials and an innovative structural design. The result was a reduction in range loss by 25 per cent compared to its LFP counterpart in low temperature environments.

SoC estimation as accurate as that of ternary lithium battery
NIO’s self-developed hybrid-cell battery SoC estimation system integrates innovations in both software algorithm and hardware to reduce estimation errors to less than three per cent, thereby reaching the level of ternary lithium battery SoC estimation. The dual chemistry SoC algorithm takes advantage of ternary lithium and LFP battery systems to guarantee accuracy. A high-power DCDC within the battery ensures fast, real-time and balanced SoC calibration.

Application of the new-generation CTP technology
In addition, the 75 kWh standard-range battery is equipped with the new-generation CTP technology, which simplifies manufacturing and assembly by 10 per cent, increases volume utilisation by 5 per cent, and increases energy density by 14 per cent to 142 Wh/kg.

From today, the standard-range hybrid-cell battery (75 kWh) and the long-range ternary lithium battery (100 kWh) are available for new NIO car orders with deliveries set for November. The prices of NIO models with the new 75 kWh battery and BaaS subscription remain the same as those with the previous 70 kWh battery.


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