Integrals Power announces significant performance improvement for LFP cathode material.

IPL30 cathode material which is one variant of Integrals Power‘s LFP products, is solely based on LFP raw materials and avoids any additives. This product has achieved ~91% capacity retention at 5C, ~88% capacity retention at 10C, ~55% capacity retention at 20C and ~21% capacity retention at 30C discharge rate. IPL30 has proven its consistency and lost only 12% of original capacity by 10C discharge rate. IPL30 was successfully scaled to multilayer pouch cell to prove and demonstrate its high performance advantages, specially for high power applications.

It is worth to mention that the mass loading of LFP cathode in the scaled pouch cells is 7mg/cm2 and its placed against a standard, conventional graphite anode. Should this pouch cell be designed to meet higher power requirements, Integrals Power expects to achieve higher discharge rates of over 50C with IPL30 CAM model. Their other higher performance LFP models will be expected to achieve even higher discharge rates for ultra high power applications.

Behnam Hormozi, CEO of Integrals Power‘s added, ” We continue to accelerate our LFP material scale-up to address the massive demand of LFP market and offer a higher performance LFP cathode active material to customers.”