Erik Buell launches electric bike line

AMERICAN engineering stalwart Erik Buell has made the leap to battery power as the legendary bike builder launched his Fuell brand of motorcycles today.

The former Harley Davidson staple and EBR boss has teamed up with Spark Racing head honcho and Formula E supplier Frédéric Vasseur to create their new line of machinery under the Fuell banner.

With the new firm, the duo hope to create practical solutions for urban mobility and, specifically, macro-mobility, or vehicle journeys of more than three miles to you and I.

The company’s initial offerings include a bicycle with a 125mi range, as well as a motorbike with capabilities to run at 11 or 35kW to meet licensing requirements.

Fluid, the push bike, features two removable batteries for a 1000Wh capacity, which gives the mountain bike-inspired machine a 100Nm and options for a 20mph or 28mph version.

But the version eMoto is more interested in is Flow, which is available in 11kW and 35kW variants and offers generous 50L storage space.

Technical specs are limited ahead of its full mid-April release, but the Flow features a rear hub motor and full 30-minute charging on the public grid.

The Fluid starts at $3,295 USD (£2,500), while the Flow is set to go for $10,995 (£8,340).

Check out a gallery of both models below:

All credits to source below by Aaron League

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