DC Battery Technologies to supply new range of renewable energy batteries to UK market

Advanced Energy Storage (AES) solutions now available for solar, renewable, wind and hybrid energy applications

DC Battery Technologies Ltd, the UK subsidiary of a major European battery distributor, will supply a new range of Advanced Energy Storage (AES) solutions to the UK market. The new AES range offers fast charging, an extensive cycle life and Partial State of Charge (PSoC) operation to reduce sulphation. The batteries are ideal for off-grid energy applications such as remote/hybrid sites, grid scale energy storage, communications, cycling, renewables, marine and electric vehicles where back-up power is required and uptime is essential.

The AES series of sealed AGM batteries can be charged at 0.6 C10 which means that the batteries can be charged in less than an hour when they are discharged down to 50% Stage of Charge (SoC). The PSoC operation introduces nano-carbon technology to limit sulphate build up when the batteries are not fully charged regularly. The cycle life of 3,000 cycles at 50% DOD (Depth of Discharge) offers a very long-lasting battery.

The AES range is manufactured by C&D Technologies, the parent company of Trojan Battery Company, a partner of DC Battery Technologies and a world-class provider of power solutions. C&D Technologies has been producing batteries for deep cycle applications for over 20 years.

Stuart James, Managing Director of DC Battery Technologies said: “Renewable energy is one of the sectors that is really embracing new battery technology and these AES solutions are specifically designed for use in solar, renewable, wind and hybrid energy applications. With their rapid charging and PSoC functionality, organisations in the renewable energy sector can rely on AES for back-up power solutions to maximise uptime and extend cycle life.”

For more information on the AES range, visit the website, call 01536 856530 or sales@dcbattery.tech

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About DC Battery Technologies:

Corby-based DC Battery Technologies is the UK subsidiary of a major European battery distributor, specialising in deep cycle and direct current batteries for many applications including marine, leisure, mobility, renewables, golf, access and traffic management. It offers the largest range of lithium batteries available in the UK, Direct Current batteries for UPS and emergency back-up systems, and the world-renowned Trojan and C&D ranges.

The European group has a combined total turnover of €100 million, with battery distribution operations in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy.



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