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12. Batteries and storage – Donald Sadoway and Yang Shao-Horn, MIT by MIT Energy Initiative (soundcloud.com)

Battery Caffè Podcast Episode 3

Battery Caffè Podcast Episode 3 (ukbatteriesnetwork.org)

Great British Manufacturing Podcast – Episode Two

Great British Manufacturing Podcast – Episode Two | MTDMFG

On this latest show, we discuss POSITIVE industry news including Britishvolt, Moog, BAE, Rolls-Royce and Dyson. We also caught up with Stephen Phipson CBE, Make UK‘s CEO to find out about him and the organisation.


Clean Energy, Hydrogen and Storage Perspectives from China

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Yuki Yu, Researcher & Founder of Energy Iceberg, an information and intelligence in English about the Chinese renewable, and new energy market. Her company focuses specifically on wind or solar, and some of the emerging technology areas like hydrogen and battery energy storage.

We discuss China’s renewable energy vision, and why China’s battery storage capacity will need to increase multifold from 2,500 MWh now.

Podcast: Improving battery charging, and harnessing energy from the air


Solar Media Cast: 200GW of solar in 2021, and ever bigger batterie‪s‬

‎Solar Media Editors’ Channel: Solar Media Cast: 200GW of solar in 2021, and ever bigger batteries on Apple Podcasts

MIT Energy Initiative


Batteries and storage

Solar Media Cast: 200GW of solar in 2021, and ever bigger batteries

Solar Media Cast: 200GW of solar in 2021, and ever bigger batteries by Solar Media Editors’ Channel • A podcast on Anchor


Battery + Storage Podcast | Troutman Pepper

The Troutman Pepper Battery + Storage Podcast will provide listeners with expert perspectives from power industry veterans during this lightning-paced period of technological change in the sector. We will bring you real-time opinions provided by battery and storage thought-leaders, who are finding (unlike Mr. Gates’ outdated observation) that the technology is surprisingly easier and cheaper to utilize than ever before.


Redefining Energy Podcast – https://redefining-energy.com/


Episode: 38 – The EV Battery race: gigafactories, supply chains and chemistry – nov2‪0‬

The EV Battery race is in full swing: competition for scale, building of international supply chains and the search for the best chemistry. After the spectacular Tesla Battery Day where a path to a 50% reduction in batteries costs has been plotted, Redefining Energy tries to assess Tesla’s technological advances versus its competitors: Years or just months? And what is the competition working on?

There is no better guest than Roland Zenn, Supply Chain Manager at Farasis, to provide a technical inside-view on the state-of-the art of Batteries production. Farasis is one of the challengers in the EV battery race, with a partnership with Daimler. Are we on the path to standardization or specialization? How can we continue to reduce prices while ensuring a staggering growth in volume? What are the breakthroughs around the corner? All those themes and much more in this new Episode of the Redefining Energy podcast, to reach an answer to one of the key question of 2020: can the Auto Industry catch up on Tesla?

A great thanks to Simon Moores and Vivas Kumar from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, George Heppel from CRUGroup, Joe Lowry aka “Mr Lithium”, Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper from RK Equity and Jack Bedder from Roskill for their insights. They are the real experts!


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Episode 42: Predictions for 2021 – Jan2‪1‬


In this Episode, its Nostradamus vs. Cassandra: Laurent and Gerard share their predictions for 2021.

1) “The Empire strikes back”, legacy players in the Energy and Automotive sectors will bounce back

2) The unstoppable development of renewables

3) The SPACs valuation hang-over, most of them imploding after reaching unjustifiable valuations

4) The tipping point in EVs production and adoption

5) The renaissance of the Carbon markets

6) The growing leadership of China in the Energy Transition…

and much more topics that we unveil and will dig more into during the season…

Redefining Energy Podcast – https://redefining-energy.com/

Episode: 21. Energy Storage System: “the Holy Grail” (with Fluence) – Mar2‪0‬


In this Episode, Laurent and Gerard debate around the exponential development of Energy Storage, “the Holy Grail”. The development of stationary storage is key to unlocking a deeper penetration of more renewables. By 2030, BNEF estimates that the market could reach 1TWh, or a x200 in the ‘20s decade.

But finding a right business model remains tricky, especially with antiquated regulatory frameworks. We interview Dr. Marek Kubik, market director at Fluence, a JV AES/Siemens. Marek unveils the keys to successful developments of stationary storage, the technology progresses and the way the market is heading. We also dive deep into the various options regarding the integration of Electric Vehicles into the Power Grid. Groundbreaking!


Global Lithium Podcast


Episode 91: Lithium 2021


Battery + Storage Podcas‪t‬


Episode 5: Q1 2020 Perspective for Batteries and Storag‪e‬

In Episode 5, the Battery + Storage Podcast team highlights 2019 developments in the grid-level storage market, and sets the stage for battery project development and finance issues that face industry stakeholders in 2020.  The team references its first four episodes of the podcast, in particular, the discussion with Mike Hopkins in Episode 2 regarding challenges facing stand-alone grid-level battery finance


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EVs On A Huge Scale | Electric Ships and Ferries