CATL Joins Hands with SANY to Promote Battery Swapping Demonstration Project of Heavy-duty Trucks in Fujian

On February 22, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL) and SANY Group (SANY) celebrated the operation of Fujian battery swapping demonstration project of heavy-duty trucks. The event, held in Ningde, east China’s Fujian Province, marks the official operation of the Fuqing-Ningde Line, China’s first truck line for electric heavy-duty trucks, and the delivery of the first batch of SANY electric dump trucks in the Province.


First batch of Sany electric dump trucks delivered in Fujian Province

Meanwhile, Ningde City Communication Investment Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic investment agreement with CATL’s shareholding company Global Contemporary Technology Co., Ltd. The multi-party cooperation will bring about a significant demonstration effect on low-carbon operation of battery swapping-based heavy-duty trucks in all commercial scenarios.


Ningde City Communication Investment Group Co., Ltd. signs a contract with GCTL

As a major CO2 emitter in the transportation sector, it is urgent to fully promote electrification of heavy-duty trucks. In addition to environmental protection issues, users are most concerned about the operational efficiency issues caused by slow charging, charging difficulties, range anxiety, etc. The current charging mode cannot fully solve the user pain points, and therefore the battery swapping mode was created.

As a pioneer of the battery swapping mode, CATL is supported by four major innovation systems and takes electrification + intelligence as the core development direction to provide efficient battery swapping solutions for application scenarios of heavy-duty trucks such as arterial highway transportation, urban infrastructures, and port transportation, and actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the electrification of the transportation industry. The electric heavy-duty trucks and dump trucks launched on the line this time are all installed with CATL’s large-capacity LFP batteries, which can not only achieve net-zero emissions and zero pollution, but also meet high-power fast charging and rapid battery swapping within 3-5 minutes, relieving anxiety in terms of charging time and range, and has greatly improved the efficiency of vehicle operation.

The successful implementation of the demonstration project for the application of the battery-swapping heavy-duty trucks is a significant action for Fujian, Ningde, CATL and all parties to respond to the development concept of CO2 emission peaking and carbon neutrality, promote the “electric Fujian” action plan and create a “fresh and natural Fujian” and “Green China”, which will accelerate the high-end, intelligent and green development of the transportation industry and will become a vivid practice of Fujian’s ecological civilization.

In the future, with the continuing electrification, the new energy battery-swapping heavy-duty trucks will be fully launched in many scenarios, such as arterial highway transportation, mining, urban infrastructure, ports and plant logistics, which will accelerate electrification in China and become an important breakthrough for China to achieve the ” carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goals.

Source: CATL Joins Hands with SANY to Promote Battery Swapping Demonstration Project of Heavy-duty Trucks in Fujian